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Professional Software Engineer in web architecture design and development, both server side and client side. Have expierence with large web systems design and development during work career, most are Linux based, building with PHP, C/C++, NoSQL. Author of SSDB - a fast leveldb server.



Work Experience

July, 2011 - now, QIHU Inc. Senior Software Engineer

July, 2008 - Jun, 2011, Baidu Inc. Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer

Notable Project

SSDB NoSQL storage server with zset data type

SSDB is a NoSQL storage server built with C/C++, using LevelDB as storage engine. SSDB supports not only key-value, but also key-map and key-zset, these data structures are the most popular types in Redis. SSDB can store TBs of collection data. SSDB has master-slave replication capability. Link:

For Fun: Cpy - writing Python codes in C syntax

Cpy is for those who are familiar with C-like language, and don't like Pythonic so much, but also want to use Python's runnngs and libraries. Link:

For Sale: Tovi Image Viewer for Mac OSX

An alterntive of Preview, can play GIF animation, auto slideshow of image files in the same folder. link


2004 - 2008: BS, Computer Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology.